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Export tables from PDF files into Excel spreadsheet

Adobe PDF is very popular format for high-quality printing and sharing information over the Internet. But what if you need to get more from PDF document? May be you have a statistic data organized in one or multiple tables? Do you want to do calculation or arrange the data in another way? Definitely you cannot do this inside your PDF document. For these purposes you need to export the data from PDF document into popular spreadsheet like MS Excel.

However there is bottleneck in this conversion process. Unlike MS Excel, PDF format doesn't have any tags to identify table structures. Each PDF document is just a set of small text chunks having coordinates that allow high-quality viewing and printing. So, if you are going to extract tables from PDF document, you need to recognize each table via analyzing cell offsets and/or graphic borders. But keep in mind that border styles are very different and cell offsets can fluctuate.

Sounds complicated, doesn't it? Indeed, PDF to Excel conversion algorithm is not simple at all. That's why Intelligent Converters released easy-to-use yet powerful utility for such a task. The product has intuitive interface and supports command line to allow experienced users automate the conversion. Other features:

  1. Converts all possible attributes of text such as font size, color, align and whenever possible
  2. Recognizes most kind of PDF tables
  3. Casts data from PDF tables to the most appropriate MS Excel types
  4. Converts selected PDF pages
  5. Adobe Acrobat is not required

The only limitation of PDF to Excel is that it has no optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities, so you will not be able to extract tables from scanned PDF documents. You can test quality of PDF to Excel conversion using free demo version of the product. It replaces random characters in the destination MS Excel spreadsheet with asterisks. Test the quality of the demo and come back to place an order if satisfied with the results:

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